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Our coffee table books are hardback reference books including: cookery books, gardening books, medical publications and oversized non-fiction books.

Approximate number of books per small box – 40 books. Approximate weight of Pallet is 1/3 tonne.

Approximate number of books per pallet box – 359 books

Approximate number of books per 40ft container (22 tonnes in small boxes)– 23,694 books

Coffee TableBooks - Small Box

AmountPrice per box
1-10 Pallets$364.37
11-20 Pallets$330.00
21-30 Pallets$288.75
31 + Pallets
AmountPrice per pallet box
1-10 boxes$291.50
11-20 boxes$264.00
21-30 boxes
31 + boxes$192.50
AmountPrice per tonne
20 ft container
(11 tonnes)
40 ft container
(22 tonnes)

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