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Predominantly hardback reference books, this category has something for everyone, including subject matter such as cookery, gardening, sport and biographiess plus many more.

Approx number of books per small box: 38 books
15 boxes per pallet
Approx weight per pallet: 1/2 tonne

Approx number of books per Pallet Box: 340 books
Approx weight per Pallet Box: 1/3 tonne
20ft Container: 20 Pallet Boxes
40ft Container: 44 Pallet Boxes

20ft Container - Approx 15,200 books
Approx Weight: 10.5 tonnes
40ft Container - Approx 28,500 books
Approx Weight: 22 tonnes

Coffee Table Books - Small Box

Quantities Available Price per box
1 - 10 Pallets  
11 - 20 Pallets Prices available
21 - 30 Pallets upon request
31 + Pallets  


Quantities Available Price per pallet box
1-10 boxes  
11-20 boxes Prices available
21-30 boxes upon request
31 + boxes  
Quantities Available Price per tonne
20 ft container
(11 tonnes)
Prices upon request
40 ft container
(22 tonnes)

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