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Can I select specific books in my wholesale order?

No, we only offer 4 book categories at this time. Details of these categories can be found here: World Of Books

What is the minimum order requirement?

The minimum order requirement is a pallet box or a pallet of small boxes, this equates to 1/3 tonne.

Is there any way I can purchase specific books in bulk?

Yes, you can make a bulk order on www.worldofbooks.com , to qualify for a bulk order you must order 50 or more books at one time. For more information on this please send an enquiry through our submission form on the contact us page (Link to contact us page)

Will I still get the discounted price if I chose a mixture of categories in the same order?

Yes, the pricing structure is based on the total quantity order over all categories.

Do you sell new books?

No we only sell used books.

What quality of books should I expect to receive?

All the books we sell through wholesale are rated as very good.

How much does a pallet box weigh?

A pallet box weighs between 330 kg – 350 kg.

How many boxes will fit into a container?

Our wholesale products are sold by weight however we are able to provide an estimate of the number of books in a filled container.

A 20ft container will hold 20 pallet boxes or approximately 430 small boxes.

A standard 40ft container will hold 44 pallet boxes or approximately 850 small boxes.

A High Cube 40ft container will hold approximately 1000 small boxes.

What’s the maximum weight you can fit in a container?

A 20ft container will hold approximately 11 tonnes in small boxes.

A standard 40ft container will hold approximately 22 tonnes in small boxes.

A High Cube 40ft container will hold approximately 24 tonnes in small boxes.

Do you organise shipping?

No, we understand that our customers may already work with shippers they trust but we do work closely with a few companies that we can recommend on request.

Shipping is handled as Ex-Works, this means all charges are aid by the consignee at the destination the order is being shipped to. Click here for more information (link to shipping page)

What are my payment options?

We accept bank transfer or PayPal.


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With a vast inventory, wide range of titles, authors and genres, we have books for every reader. Our specially designed algorithms ensure that our Premium and Prime products include top authors and bestsellers. All our books go through a two-stage quality check, so our customers only receive books that are in good condition. Supplying orders, from 1 pallet to 40ft containers with minimal lead time.

Europe’s leading seller of used English language books.

Working with us

We strive to provide an exceptional customer service, ensuring the working partnership between us is a pleasurable experience

The Product

Benefit from our extensive and comprehensive range of English books. There is always something new to select from ensuring your customers have a fresh and varied choice

Quality Books

Our two stage condition checks ensure you only receive books in good condition. Our key aim is to put these books back in the hand so that they can be enjoyed, at least once more! Those books which miss the grade are ethically recycled.


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