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As Europe’s largest dealer in English language books World of Books Used Wholesale offers an unlimited supply of wholesale books for the wholesale market.  We can ship all sizes of container, with minimal lead times, anywhere in the world at prices that are hard to beat. With an inventory exceeding 1 million used wholesale books you are certain to find something for everyone. We carry a vast range of book titles with many different genres and categories.

Based in the United Kingdom, World of Books Used Wholesale offers the best price for wholesale books to buyers around the world. Although we do ship our books in the UK, most of our wholesale orders are placed internationally from many different countries. The majority of our buyers are repeat customers that have come to rely on the quality and quantity of our used books and our great customer service. 

We will work closely with you to make sure that you select the wholesale books that will best fit your business model so that you can maximise your sales.  We understand that low prices are now more important than ever and that in order to make a profit you need to minimise your costs. With this in mind, we have aggressively priced our books so that you continue to shop with us for all your future wholesale used book needs.


19 May 2014 - We now sell vintage books wholesale.  ... read more

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